Joe McAdam – Ep 128

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Longtime friend-of-the-show, Joe McAdam — comedian, writer, actor, sketch guy, chef, husband, friend, fellow — re-unites with Hank for a wide-ranging conversation about everything from genitalia to comedy and more. Joe’s not just hilarious on stage and on podcasts, his sketch show, The Wheel Show, delights audiences at the Nerdmelt Showroom on a regular basis. He also co-hosted the smash-hit news parody show, Infinite Clicks, which is totally a successful web-series and not a failed YouTube channel.



Joe McAdam’s Twitter: @JoeMcAdam
Joe’s website:
Hank’s Twitter: @Hank_Thompson
Hank’s website:


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An episode from Infinite Clicks with Hank and Joe:

Joe and Hank make Christmas Guacamole on Taste Buds, a cooking show:


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