Episode 117 – Chris Millhouse Speaks Truth, Comedy & Consequences

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Chris Millhouse has big shoes to fill. Specifically, Kelly Huddleston’s. She and her giant feet couldn’t make it to the taping. Fortunately, the LA-based comedian is as easy to talk to as he is hilarious, which is VERY. Chris sat down for an in-depth conversation about stand up comedy. He shares some hard-won lessons learned as a comedian in Los Angeles, not just on-stage, but in the casting room. Be impressed by how well he tolerates Hank’s inexplicable derailing of the the conversation.

in this podcast: Twitter snobbery, #Following Friday, @Midnight and what it means for comedy, getting that first TV credit & knowing talk show bookers, handling criticism, festivals, Chris’s personal growth as a comedian over the years, his start in San Diego, gossip, the pain and gain of selling merch, the Follow-Through Curse, defending who you know, when Twitter success precedes stage success, and leaving the bullshit behind, plus so much more!

chris M

Chris on Twitter: @ChrisMillhouse   |  Website: ChrisMillhouse.com
Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston
Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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