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hank doing stand up on gray backgroundHank Thompson is a stand up comedian, writer and filmmaker who is embarrassed by all of those labels. He loves his opinions more than he hates his voice, which is why he started the Winners and Losers Show in 2010. Nobody finds the wrongs about what’s right or interrupts his guests with more mindless warbling. Nobody. Hank works at The Young Turks – the world’s largest online news network – where he produces comedy videos and is a professional YouTube publisher. When not clicking mice, Hank thinks of words to say or write to try and make people laugh. He fails a lot.

Twitter: @Hank_Thompson
Website: HankThompsoncomedy.com


Podcast History:

The Winners and Losers Show has its roots in the fiery winter hellhole of Chicago. After satisfying his few-month-old dream of becoming a stand up comedian, desperate for attention and validation, Hank realized he could make even more of a non-impact by starting a podcast, answering the call to finally put a white guy’s opinions on the Internet. He set about acquiring the gear and know-how to get it done. And done it did get got.

The first episode dropped in September of 2010 and the world has always been the same since. Through sheer tenacity and a ‘never-say-you’re-sorry-for-mildly-racist-outbursts’ attitude the show persisted for two-and-a-half tumultuous years, over 100 episodes, featuring comedians, performers and writers– successful, up-and-coming and otherwise.

podcast typical listen on gray back with borderWith so many ups and even fewer downloads, there were haters and imitators but no one could approach Hank’s gift for turning on microphones and putting shit online. One highlight was the Snow-Cast-A-Thon, when the Winners and Losers Show stuck a big middle finger up mother nature’s ass by having a 12-hour marathon despite the city being buried under 3 society-snarling feet of snow. The first years of the Winners and Losers Show are an inside look into the Chicago comedy scene and a document about the drives, lives and high-fives of comedians on-stage and off.

In the Spring of 2013, the podcast was placed on hiatus because Hank moved to Los Angeles to work for The Young Turks and to continue his pursuit of “success” in Comedy. During the 9-month break, he felt a Winners and Losers shaped ache in his otherwise dead heart. One calm and comfortable night, he was fortunate enough to meet Kelly Huddleston. Like all of history’s great partnerships – Ben and Jerry, Helen and Troy, the two Dads from My Two Dads – theirs began next to a dumpster. The two had an instant connection that was as strong as the fact that neither of them really had anything better to do. And they live kinda close. Kelly’s perplexing decision to join the podcast as a host is the listener’s gain. Her career in show business is as varied as it is fascinating. Dumpster Hank and Kelly on gray white borderShe brings much-needed insight, sanity and a female voice to the table and has already won the hearts and ears of the listening community. Also, you can see her tits on Netflix.*

It’s hard to believe but the second chapter of the Winners and Losers Show is even better than the first. Hank and Kelly are happy to have you along as they get to know each other, their guests, and explore the world of Comedy until one of them gets a much better job and then fuck this shit.

*Hank’s tits available upon request.

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